2017 Summer Program

We are no longer accepting applications for Summer Program, as all spaces are filled!

Come play with us this summer! Join us at our Early Childhood campus for our 2017 Summer Program of outdoor exploration and relaxed fun. 12 acres full of the magic of the natural world offer meadows, woodlands and a trickling brook as the perfect setting for our summer days together.

Weekly Sessions

3 – 9 years
8:00am–3:30pm $200/week
$50/week non-refundable deposit due at registration
Payment in full due by June 1st

Extended Day

7:30–8:00am $15/week
3:30–5:30pm $25/week

Earlybird Discount

Space is limited! Register for all 10 weeks by May 1st and receive one week free!

Ten Weeks of Summer Fun!

Weekly sessions include gardening, nature crafts, stories, songs, games and woodland walks. Morning and afternoon snack are provided. For lunch, we picnic under our apple tree with lunches brought from home. The children will spend their days both together and in two age-appropriate groups:
Streams (3-6 years) & Rivers (6-9 years)


Week One : Let the Sun Shine

June 12 – 16, 2017
Streams ~ This week is all about the wonders of the sun! We will do sun-oven baking, make sun-catchers and plant sunflowers — the flower that follows the path of the sun throughout its daytime journey.
Rivers ~ We will build our own sundials, sun-dye t-shirts and make delicious sun tea to serve the younger group during lunch.

Week Two : Building

June 19 – 23, 2017
Streams ~ Together we will build a sapling hut or small teepee and miniature “fairy houses” by the lower brook. We will work with clay and wood to build smaller structures during our indoor after-rest time.
Rivers ~ We will work in the forest to build lean-to structures near the brook. The children will form a mini-village with their own miniature house structures.

Week Three : Painted Objects

June 26 – 30, 2017
Streams ~ This crafty week will draw inspiration from the local woodland creatures. Outdoors, we will paint animal rocks, decorate shells and create dioramas.
Rivers ~ We will craft similar outdoor animal painting projects and one day will work together to create a large wildlife mural.

Week Four : Look Up!

July 10 – 14, 2017
Streams ~ What do we see above us during both day and night? Who are the creatures of the daytime and the starry night world? We will build worker bee houses and plan an early evening “sky watch” to share with families.
Rivers ~ We will hear stories and do activities exploring the vastness of the sky above, including an examination of cloud formation and celestial bodies. Our hands-on activities will include creating three-dimensional models and mobiles.

Week Five : Look Down!

July 17 – 21, 2017
Streams ~ This week we explore our feet upon the earth. What do they come in contact with every day? What are the many ways we use our feet? We will draw and paint with our feet and make slippers or “moc” moccasins.
Rivers ~ We will experience our feet through movement and dance, as well as create our own dance costumes and prepare a casual performance for parents on Friday afternoon.


Week Six : Painting from Nature

July 24 – 28, 2017
Streams & Rivers ~ We will explore the forest to gather printing supplies and use the power of the sun to create transfer prints. Groups will work separately to print on t-shirts or flags using leaf and vegetable block printing. Indoor crafting will include card making and special creations to take home.

Week Seven : Bodies of Water

July 31 – August 4, 2017
Streams ~ This week we enjoy as much immersion in water play as possible. We will build a temporary dam to create a lake for sailing simple bark boats and transform the upper sandbox into a minature water village.
Rivers ~ We will explore the freshwater and sea creatures of our oceans, lakes and brooks. What life is in the vernal pool and that muddy realm next to the brook? We will build miniature birch bark canoes and sail them in a sandbox lake.

Week Eight : Weaving

August 7 – 11, 2017
Streams ~ We will create yarn and stick dream catchers and hear stories and songs about native people and the origins of the craft. We will weave hanging mobiles for our outdoor playspace and take them home at the end of the week.
Rivers ~ We will build outdoor stick looms and weave with natural, gathered materials. The gathering process will take us through field and forest with an opportunity to learn about the diverse plant growth which surrounds us.

Week Nine : Trees

August 14 – 18, 2017
Streams & Rivers ~ Together, we will experience the life cycle of the tree by examining trees, stumps and rotting logs in the lower forest. What creatures dwell within and beneath? We will build moss terrariums to take home and use them as a temporary home for crawly creatures we encounter. On Friday, the children will share a display of their work for parents.


Week Ten : Where is the Wind?

August 21 – 25, 2017
Streams ~ We will find ways to make wind visible this week! How can we witness its wonders, from carrying seeds abroad to cloud movement? We will build kites and fly them in the meadow.
Rivers ~ We will look at wind as energy and build a simple wind turbine and wind-powered miniature vehicles fondly known as “puff mobiles!”