2019 Summer Program


Join us at our 12-acre early childhood campus for a wholesome summer of outdoor exploration and relaxed fun. 8 weekly sessions include gardening, nature crafts, stories, songs, games, and woodland adventures!
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EIGHT Weeks of Summer Fun!

Ages 3–9
8am–3:30pm | $200/week
Extended Care 3:30–5:30pm | $50/week
Not in session July 4th week

Earlybird Discount!
Register for all 8 weeks by May 1st and receive one week free!

$50/week non-refundable deposit due at registration
Payment in full due by May 1st

You can also download a registration form below. Completed forms, deposits, and registration fees can be mailed or delivered to 98 South Lincoln Street, Keene, NH 03431. You can email them to summer@monadnockwaldorfschool.org.  

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Questions? Email us at summer@monadnockwaldorfschool.org


Week One : The Sun

June 17-21
Summer is all about the sun! As we revel in the warm, bright days summer brings, we will explore the many ways the natural world responds to the power of the sun. We will make sun-inspired crafts, brew sun teas, tend our garden and plant sunflowers to take home and watch grow.

Week Two : Let the River Run

June 24–28
This week, we will explore all the wet spots in our woods and fields, from the running stream to the muddy bog. We will get wet—racing sticks, catching critters, building mud sculptures and floating homemade boats! Along the way, we will discover the many plants and animals that thrive in water.

July 1-5: No Summer Program this week. Happy July 4th!

Week Three : Look Up!

July 8-12
What do we see above us during the day and night? How do the clouds move and change? Who are the creatures of the daytime and starry night world? To answer these questions, we will observe all the things of the sky this week. We will create bird & bat houses, cloud sculptures, and sky pictures.

MWS NK 06032016 020.jpg

Week Four : Printing from Nature

July 15-19
Leaves, sticks, feathers, fungi, and rocks become our materials week as we make beautiful prints from nature. Taking inspiration from patterns and shapes in the forests and meadows around us, we will make prints on cards, t-shirts, wood and paper. In addition to creatively using things from our environment to print, we will try our hand at making our own inks and dyes.

Week Five : Look Down!

July 22-26
What lies beneath our feet? What critters live in the dirt, and under the rocks and logs of the forest? What things do we overlook as we walk around upright? This week, we will explore the world from an earthly vantage point! As we pay attention to what’s underfoot, our crafts will celebrate the beauty of and life within this lower kingdom.

Week Six : Natural Tapestries

July 29-August 2
We will search our surroundings this week for inspiration and materials to create unique tapestries We will weave grasses, sticks, leaves and flowers, adorning our creations with beads, shells, and natural fibers. The gathering process will lead us through field and forest, offering opportunities to learn about the plant world around us. We will also create looms, large and small, to adorn our campus and your home.


Week Seven : Trees & Tree Dwellers

August 5-9
How many kinds of trees can we find? What types of animals live and find food in them? What does the life cycle of a tree look like? This week, we will focus on the amazing trees around us and the life they support. We will collect bark, sticks, and leaves for our tree-inspired crafts—and look for feathers, nests, and quills left behind by the critters who live in them.

Week Eight : Shelters & Houses

August 12-16
The fields and woods are home to all kinds of creatures. What kind of shelters do the animals around us make? What can we learn about home from them? We will craft all manner of shelters this week. Some will be life-sized, like a lean-to to protect us from rain. We will also build model shelters and tiny houses for the fairy folk that live in our woods and gardens!