engaging The student

During the Middle School years, the Waldorf curriculum deepens along with the student’s growing intellectual, artistic, and social capacities.  At Monadnock Waldorf School, we understand that these are important years for cultivating each student’s curiosity and confidence as learners, while helping them develop skills to express themselves and explore a wondrously complex world. In Grades Six through Eight, students master  an increasingly complex subject matter, undertaking research projects and presentations that help them learn to manage their time and work autonomously. Integrated within the Middle School curriculum are increasing opportunities to cultivate their abilities in music, fine and practical arts, sport and entrepreneurship. While each grade retains a class teacher throughout their journey together, our Middle School faculty circulate among the grades to teach Main Lesson blocks in their areas of passion and expertise.

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An Outward Look

New academic challenges and social experiences mark this turning point to the middle school years, with independent research, sports teams and musical ensembles. Sixth graders are more physically grounded, showing an emergent power of conceptual thinking and a deeper comprehension of cause and effect.

Students explore the laws of the universe in Astronomy, the structure of the earth in Geology and the practical nature of business math and grammar skills. The class examines the rise of Rome — the spirit of conquest, development of the rule of law and construction of roads, buildings and aqueducts — as well as the excesses that resulted in its collapse and Western civilization's plunge into the Dark Ages. Students discover what moved history forward into the Renaissance, like early Islamic civilization, the study of Algebra, early Church music and the ideals of knighthood, valor and chivalry.



Exploration and Reflection

Seventh graders reach a stage of self-reflection and introspection. Challenged with increasingly rigorous academics, they are eager for knowledge, independence and social connection. The Renaissance, Reformation, Scientific Revolution and Age of Exploration are a major academic focus and they read biographies of historical figures who challenged prevailing views in search of truth, freedom and self-expression.

Seventh graders are introduced to algebra and plane geometry, the interrelationship of chemical properties and the physical laws of refraction, reflection, acoustics and heat. They study Renaissance artists and their use of geometric principles to develop the laws of perspective, as well as the form and function of their own bodies through blocks on anatomy and physiology.



Intellectual Awakening

By eighth grade, students have developed strong observational skills and reasoning abilities. They serve as role models for younger students and work productively on class projects and performances, as well as independent research, writing and presentation.

Eighth graders study organic chemistry, construct the five three-dimensional Platonic solids in geometry and discover the mechanical principles that led to the development of our technological society. Students examine U.S. History, world events and the people who helped define our time. And from the Industrial Revolution to the present day, the class explores major political and cultural events that shaped the modern world, with an emphasis on the ideals of human freedom that led to the American, French and Russian Revolutions.


our Neighborhood Campus

Our Middle School students are active in the wider community of Keene, intensifying their classroom activities with learning in the world. You can find our classes skating at Robin Hood Park, conducting research at Keene Public Library, performing at Keene State College, and raising funds for class trips to Quebec and New York City. We encourage our students to deepen their friendships and build connections with neighboring schools by participating in a wide and inclusive set of extra-curriculars and athletics. Community service is also a vital part of our Middle School curriculum. By contributing to environmental and social projects in and around Keene, our students broaden their experience and develop a sense of their own power to improve the world around them.

Our Middle School students graduate with well-rounded intellectual and artistic capabilities that prepare them to succeed in high school and beyond.