Athletics & Co-curricular

As part of their core curriculum, students at MWS practice musical instruments, participate in chorus, practice fine arts, take movement classes, and learn woodworking. We also offer inclusive afterschool programs in sports and music for students seeking to improve their skills further—or simply share in the fun and camraderie of a team activity.


MWS offers intramural sport opportunities in Basketball, Circus Arts, Skiing, Soccer, and Ultimate Frisbee. Many of our students also participate in a variety of sports through their town recreation departments or independent programs. Keene Middle School also welcomes our students into their competitive sports programs.



Our basketball team, The Fighting Gnomes, practices during the winter months and competes in a regional league of independent schools. The team offers Middle School students the chance to build their individual and team skills, and strengthen their friendships over the season. The Fighting Gnomes put these qualities into play in their games—both co-ed and girls/boys—with neighboring schools.

Circus Arts

Year round, students in grades 3-8 can develop their athletic prowess through the circus arts. An adventure in strength, balance, flexibility and imaginative fun, students learn exciting skills that build self-confidence and poise.

Skiing & Skating

For five winter weeks beginning in January, students in grades 5-8 can spend Friday afternoons on the slopes! MWS organizes a Ski & Ride program at Crotched Mountain in Francestown, NH for students to take lessons and ski or snowboard. Students who opt not to ski spend their winter Fridays ice skating and sledding at Robin Hood Park.


Soccer is a new and quickly growing intramural sports offering at MWS. Throughout the fall months, our co-ed team meets in a nearby park for afterschool practice and tests their skills in regular matches with independent schools in the region. Regardless of prior experience, team members learn to play safely and successfully—individually and as a team.

MUSIC & Arts


Jazz Band

Led by music teacher Bruce Elliot, the Jazz Band meets weekly to explore improvisation and jazz technique. The band prepares several signature pieces each semester to perform at our fall and spring concerts.