Mixed-Age Classes

In the early childhood program, our three classes are arranged in mixed-age groupings. There are many benefits to a mixed-age class:

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  • Multiple years in one classroom creates consistency for the child. The child feels safe and builds strong connections. Relationships between teacher, child, and child's parents deepen as they work together.

  • Older children take on new responsibilities in a mixed-age class. They develop leadership capacities and develop skills through the multi-layered, play-based curriculum.

  • Younger children are met with appropriate spaciousness, time and tenderness as they grow and learn. They see what is possible for them creatively and developmentally as they witness older children strengthening their skills.

  • Younger children keep imagination and wonder alive in the classroom. Older children encourage, inspire and support their younger peers, while taking up the rules and responsibilities of the classroom.

  • Children develop cooperation and social flexibility amid the broad range of skill-sets and capabilities in each classroom. A family-like feeling emerges, with true care and connection between each student and teacher.