Middle School: Engaging the Student

Our middle school curriculum fully engages the intellect, creativity and natural curiosity of the young adolescent. In grades six through eight, students take new ownership of their learning in an environment that promotes academic rigor while allowing each individual to explore their identity in a supportive and stimulating setting.

We’re striving to build everyone’s academic abilities, but also their social awareness, their empathy and their ability to be in a healthy group.
— MWS Teacher

Dynamic Learning

Our dynamic middle school program gives students the space to explore and make discoveries. Our classes learn in an experiential, multidimensional way—observing, experimenting, analyzing, discussing and creating. Along the way, rigorous academics infused with art, music, sports and foreign language open new doors for student learning. Full of creative outlets for students to exercise their intellect and engage confidently with the world, our curriculum celebrates adolescence as a time of discovery and possibility.

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To think independently, to problem solve in a group. We work with students to cultivate their creative thinking and their critical thinking in a way that’s not prescribed.
— MWS Teacher
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an academic journey

Middle school academics are purposeful and challenging. Teachers guide students to build on the foundational skills of grade school—and take them further. Students find new applications for math, make scientific discoveries, explore world geography, and expand their understanding of history. Along the way, our curriculum encourages students to learn deeply. As they explore connections—between history and science, art and math, geography and literature—students find their place in an exciting world of new knowledge and skills.

multidimensional Learning

Our teachers often say, “everyone does everything in a Waldorf school.” Rather than specialize in what they already excel at, students enrich themselves with a range of pursuits each day. They play instruments, perform in plays, do woodworking, sew and paint, sing and speak French. Along the way, students discover new talents and persist through challenges. This approach produces well-rounded individuals who can plan and problem-solve in multiple dimensions. Our students also discover avenues of expression and enjoyment that will last a lifetime.

They’re discovering themselves in a new way. They have a new awareness, a new intellectual capacity that’s emerging.
— MWS Teacher

fostering independence

Middle school students enter a new phase of self-discovery as they develop a stronger sense of their own identity and autonomy. Waldorf education celebrates adolescence as an exciting period of social and academic growth. At MWS our students encounter an expansive world of ideas to explore and skills to master. They find new opportunities to innovate, take risks and pursue their passions in a healthy environment that encourages students to be themselves.

At the very core, what our alumni have with them is a secure sense of themselves.
— MWS teacher

a culture of respect

As they move through high school and life, our graduates are equipped with a secure sense of self and the ability to work with others. We cultivate both capacities through a school culture that emphasizes mutual respect and support. Throughout middle school, classes work together to produce plays, make music, discuss complex issues, fund raise and undertake trips together. As students recognize each other’s strengths and support their peers through challenges, they learn to be part of a healthy social group.

learning in the world

Middle school students encounter a hands-on curriculum that takes them into the world to learn through experience. Field trips to area businesses, NPOs, farms and parks allow students to apply their learning outside of the classroom. Each year, middle school classes venture further afield on a week-long trip that expands their perspectives and deepens academic understanding. We also create ample opportunities for our students to connect with the larger community, through extracurricular sports, musical performances, class plays and community service.