Exchange Program

MWS has a vibrant International Exchange Program. Students have come from France, Spain, Israel, Switzerland, Germany, Chile, Argentina and Japan to enjoy the cultural and educational experience of a three-month homestay with a MWS family.

During 10th grade, students in good academic standing who have the approval of the faculty can spend three months abroad, attending classes at a Waldorf school in a country that speaks the language that the MWS student has been studying. Students participate fully in classes comparable in academic content to those required in the MWS curriculum and complete to the best of their ability all work that may be assigned by the host school.

Host schools submit block and skills reports for exchange students that become part of the student’s record. In addition, MWS may provide support materials for the student to complete while away in order to ensure the continuity of the MWS curriculum once the student returns. We also expect students to bring their musical instrument (if transportable) and to participate in the host school’s music program as fully as possible.

Our International Exchange Coordinator (IEC), Celine Gendron, helps students identify countries they would like to visit on exchange and arranges matches with international students who wish to initiate an exchange at MWS. For more information, please contact Celine at