College Counseling

Meet our 2017 Graduates! Click to download >

Meet our 2017 Graduates!
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At MWS, we love the college admissions process because it's about finding the right fit for our students. Knowing each student on an individualized level helps us understand what each is seeking from a college experience so that we can offer recommendations that speak to multiple facets of the student.

For our teachers, because they know each student on multiple levels, writing college recommendations comes easily. Recommendations from Waldorf schools are compelling in their depth and richness, and the teacher recommendation is an important way to set apart students in the competitive admissions landscape.

Waldorf Outcomes

According to a survey conducted by the Research Institute for Waldorf Education, it was revealed that:

  • 94% of Waldorf high school graduates go on to college
  • 91% practice and value lifelong learning
  • 94% consider themselves to be self-reliant and value self-confidence
  • 89% are highly satisfied in choice of occupation
  • 90% highly value other viewpoints
  • 50% more Waldorf graduates study science and math than the general population

Further, the study noted that professors who have taught Waldorf students across many academic disciplines and a wide range of campuses — from State Universities to Ivy League — remark that Waldorf graduates have the ability to integrate thinking; to assimilate information as opposed to memorizing isolated facts; to be flexible, creative and willing to take intellectual risks; and are leaders with high ethical and moral standards who take initiative and are passionate to reach their goals.

By the time they reach us at the college and university level, [Waldorf] students are grounded broadly and deeply and have a remarkable enthusiasm for learning. Such students possess the eye of the discoverer, and the compassionate heart of the reformer which, when joined to a task, can change the planet.
— Arthur Zajonc, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Physics, Amherst College


College Acceptances

The majority of MWS graduates continue on to college study in at a wide variety of institutions, pursuing courses of study that range from neuroscience, zoology and criminal justice to orchestra, environmental stewardship and international relations.
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MWS Alumni

With no shortage of interest and enthusiasm, it's no wonder that the stories and successes of MWS alumni are fascinating! Whether traveling the world, founding businesses, teaching the next generation or leading the way in scientific research, the pursuits of our students continually inspire the MWS community.
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College counseling

MWS works closely with students and parents to support them in the college admissions process. An MWS Guidance Counselor is available to both students and parents on a daily basis to answer questions and facilitate this process. In order to provide the most advantageous expertise, MWS works with Strategies For College (SFC) in the college search and financial aid process. SFC has extensive experience with Waldorf students and offers excellent proprietary online resources. Some SFC services require additional fees, which are specially priced for MWS families.

MWS takes particular pride in our support services for the application process itself. We work closely with students on managing and mastering the Common Application and devote many hours to helping students craft the best possible college essay. In fact, alumni Morgan Elliot's (MWS '15) admissions essay is featured on the Connecticut College admissions website as an example of "Essays That Worked."

College Guidance Calendar

11th Grade (Fall) : Parent/Student Intro to the College Admissions Process
MWS hosts an introductory session for parents and students to hand out materials essential to 11th graders and their parents in order to begin the college selection process.

11th Grade (Fall) : Parent Intro to Financial Aid
MWS outlines the financial aid process — how it works, how to understand financial aid formulas and how to determine eligibility for federal and campus-based aid. This session (also open to 10th grade parents) helps families to begin thinking about their finances well in advance since aid awards are based on the prior tax year.

11th Grade (February) : Parent/Student Meetings with SFC
SFC meets with each family to present the results of the college search process.

11th Grade (May) & 12th Grade (Fall) : Parent/Student Followup Meetings with SFC
SFC meets with each family to followup on the college search and next steps.

12th Grade (April) : Parent Financial Aid Review Meetings
MWS meets with each family to review financial aid award letters. MWS/SFC will advise on how to appeal awards or request additional funding as well as how to apply for federal and private loans.