Athletics & Co-curricular

While our core curriculum is filled with many activities normally considered co-curricular, MWS also offers after school programs in sports and academic enrichment.


In addition to our intramural offerings, Keene High School welcomes our students’ participation in their competitive sports program. Our academic and arts classes finish at 2:30pm so that students may attend 3pm practices at KHS. Our students have participated in soccer, basketball, swimming, alpine and cross-country skiing, track and field, baseball and lacrosse — some winning regional and state awards!

Seasonal Intramural Sports

Students can join our intramural Mountain Biking in fall, Fencing Team in winter and Ultimate Frisbee in spring.

Circus Arts

Year round, MWS students can challenge their athletic prowess through the circus arts. An adventure in strength, balance, flexibility and creativity, students learn exciting skills that build self-confidence and poise.

academic clubs

Students participate in a variety of academic clubs through MWS such as the student newspaper The Tilden Tribune, Model UN, Photography Club, Poetry & Journaling and Naturalist Skills. Other elective activities such as yearbook, drama, literary magazine and social service committee are coordinated based on student interest and the availability of faculty or parent sponsors.