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High School Curriculum

Learning to Learn At Monadnock Waldorf High School, we know that the questions are as important as the answers

In the Waldorf high School, students learn to observe, to record their observations, and form their own questions for further analysis and debate before coming to conclusions. Students present and defend well-reasoned outcomes, listening carefully to the experience and conclusions of their classmates.

Flexible thinking, having an ability to see the larger picture in any situation, adept perception of the connections between events and subjects, confidence in the ability to learn in any situation — these are the skills acquired by our High School students through the rigorous and in-depth Waldorf approach to learning.

Developing a Matrix of Information Instead of experiencing what they have learned as isolated bits of information, Waldorf students begin to identify and appreciate connections among ideas, eras, subjects. What is taught and how it is presented sets context and helps the student integrate and retain what they learn.

  • In Mathematics, our students don’t just learn about math equations, they learn about the inventors of those equations. They study the politics behind the acceptance of those theories and discuss and analyze differing theories of that mathematician’s colleagues and competitors.
  • World cultures are studied from their historic, religious, geographic, artistic, philosophical and environmental perspectives.
  • Sculpture of the human form develops out of the understanding gained in phsiology and anatomy classes.

    A Well-Rounded Education

    Monadnock Waldorf High School offers a challenging academic curriculum balanced with a thorough cultivation of artistic skills and practical work. Learning to think is emphasized over what to think. Students are encouraged to recognize that what they learn in the classroom is relevant to their everyday lives and prepares them to stride boldly into their own bright futures with confidence and enthusiasm.

    Curriculum chart


    High School Course Descriptions



    Monadnock Waldorf High School offers a deep and broad academic program providing each student with a strong foundation for post-secondary work. The following is a curriculum overview by grade:

    Ninth Grade

    Morning Lesson Subjects

    Geometric Transformation, History through Art, American History, Organic Chemistry, Thermal Physics, Comedy and Tragedy, Modern History, Geology, Moby Dick, Human Physiology.

    Math 1 Skills Course —Instruction and practice of basic algebra, factoring, and probability, word problems, solving linear equations, quadratic equations, simultaneous equations and graphing.

    Science – Thermal Physics, Organic Chemistry, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Geology.

    English Class Skills – Literature, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, public speaking, creative writing, spelling and short stories.

    Fine and Practical Arts – Black and white drawing and block printing, copper work, printmaking, woodworking, calligraphy.

    Other Subjects World language, instrumental music, choir, eurythmy, physical education, community service

    Tenth Grade

    Morning Lesson Subjects

    Ancient History, the Bible as Literature, Trigonometry, full drama production, Mechanics, Stoichiometry, Hydrology, Ancient History 2, Embryology, the Iliad and Odyssey.

    Math 2 Skills Class - Euclidian geometry proofs using the axiomatic method, trigonometry, algebraic and coordinate geometry treatment of conic sections.

    Science - Physics (Mechanics), Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Human Embryology, Hydrology.

    English Skills Class — Literature, grammar, vocabulary, expanding from the effective paragraph to the longer essay and full-length story.

    Fine and Practical Arts — Weaving, ironwork, stagecraft, color 1&2, painting and drawing, jewelry and fine metals.

    Other Subjects World language, instrumental music, choir, physical education, eurythmy.

    Eleventh Grade

    Morning Lesson Subjects History through Music, Meteorology, Electricity and Magnetism, Medieval Renaissance History, Projective Geometry, Dante, Atomic Chemistry, Shakespeare studies, Botany.

    Math 3 Skills Class – Complex numbers, polynomial fractions, irrational numbers, advanced analytical geometry, advanced trigonometry.

    Science – Physics (Electricity and Magnetism), Atomic Chemistry, Botany, Meteorology.

    English Skills Class – SAT/ACT prep work, advanced grammar, a major paper of comparison and contrast.

    Fine and Practical Arts – Woodwork, visual design, figure drawing, photography.

    Other Subjects

    World language, instrumental music, choir, eurythmy, physical education.

    Twelfth Grade

    Morning Lesson Subjects

    Zoology, Calculus, Astronomy, Transcendentalism, World Culture, Biochemistry, History Through Architecture, Senior Project, Faust, Physics of Vision, full drama production.

    Math 4 Skills Class – Calculus: deepening of differentiation and integration and equation and graphical orientation using a variety of problems in different fields.

    Science – Physics (Mathematical), Biochemistry, Zoology, Astronomy.

    English Skills Class – Study of literature and modern poetry, refined grammar, vocabulary, and demonstrating styles of writing.

    Fine and Practical Arts- Portrait drawing and painting, stone carving, stained glass, bookbinding.

    Other Subjects

    World Language, instrumental music, choir, physical education, eurythmy