Community Life

While the classrooms are filled with the buzz of inquiry, debate, artistry, movement, music and all manner of academic work, the building also hums with activities that nurture the broader community around the students.
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Social Events

Social events are a vital part of the life and spirit of the high school. They provide welcome opportunities for students across the grades to plan and celebrate festivities together in a wholesome and warmly inclusive setting. Our students look forward to a number of “traditional” in-house social events, including the senior/freshman luncheon, the Holiday party, the Valentine’s Day party, Poetry Café and Spirit Week.

The MWS community hosts New England area Waldorf high schools at our annual Winter Ball, a grand semi-formal dinner and dance held at nearby Heberton Hall. These multi-school gatherings sow the seeds of enduring friendships and lay the foundation for collaborative learning opportunities, as we make every effort to combine courses and class outings with other Waldorf schools to widen our students’ social experience and enrich the program overall.

Seasonal Festivals

Festivals are a vital part of Waldorf education, bringing the community together in meaningful ways and marking time in the spirit of the seasons with food, song and story. The entire school gathers together in October for a celebration of the Michaelmas story and the harvest season. The school gathers together again for May Day to celebrate the coming of summer with traditional dance and song. High school students often play a leadership role at these events, facilitating the younger students in the traditions they now know so well.

Speakers & Performances

Throughout the year, MWS hosts a variety of guests, both local and international, who share their insights, experiences and talents with our students and the greater Keene community through speaking events, concerts and performances. Check the calendar for upcoming events.

community service


Service is an integral component of Waldorf education and is essential for students to enter into new relationships with their community. In order to connect with and honor the wider world around them, all students perform a required amount of community service each trimester with outside organizations of their choosing. Each of our Trips Weeks includes a service component as well. Organizations students have chosen to work with include Big Brothers Big Sisters, The Woodward Home for Assisted Living, Miracles in Motion, Monadnock Humane Society, Cheshire Medical Center and work for the historic Troy Railroad Depot.

Students are also expected to support the broader school community by participating in all-school events such as Michaelmas, the Crafts Fair, Pumpkin Fest, Orchard Hill Pizza Night and various 12th grade fundraising activities.


The strength of MWS comes from the strength of our community. Our students’ experience is enriched by the committed participation of our parent community. Parents collaborate with teachers and staff to volunteer in the classroom, chaperone trips, raise funds and serve in leadership roles on Parents in Partnership (PIP), the Board of Trustees and its committees.

Parent Evenings

Our teachers reach beyond the classroom, with a series of parent evenings throughout the year. Meetings typically begin with a discussion of a topic of interest to parents in all grades of the MWS and end with separate meetings of each class with the Class Advisors. Parent evenings are also a time for parent-to-parent support that strengthens bonds and deepens understanding in an enjoyable, respectful and supportive environment.

Parents in Partnership (pip)

Parents in Partnership (PIP) is a parent volunteer group which acts as a liaison among high school faculty, staff and families. PIP holds the good intentions and dedicated work of the faculty and entire school community at its core, and encourages respectful communication and transparency between all parties. PIP acts as a confidential sounding board for ideas and concerns, and offers a parent perspective in support of faculty, staff and families. The group considers school programs, policies and events, and works with faculty and staff to develop solutions to issues that arise in the school community.