Community Life

While the classrooms are filled with singing, movement, recitation, story telling, conversation and all manner of academic work, the building also hums with activities that nurture the broader community around the students.
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Seasonal Festivals

Festivals are a vital part of Waldorf education. They are meaningful times when our community comes together to mark the seasons with food, song and story. In October, the entire school gathers for a Festival of Autumn, celebrating the transition to fall as we gather strength for the coming winter. In November and December, the early grades participate in festivals like the Lantern Walk and Spiral Walk, which honor the inner light that carries us through the darkest days of the year. The school comes together again in the spring for an all-school May Day festival to welcome the coming summer with dance and song.

Speakers & Performances

Throughout the year, MWS hosts a variety of guests, both local and international, who share their insights, experiences and talents with our students and the greater Keene community through speaking events, concerts and performances. Check the calendar for upcoming events.


The strength of MWS comes from our community of families. Each student’s experience is enriched by the committed participation of our parent community. Parents collaborate with teachers and staff to volunteer in the classroom, chaperone trips, raise funds and serve in leadership roles in our Parents in Partnership group, as well as the Board of Trustees and its committees.

Parent Evenings

Our teachers reach beyond the classroom, with a series of parent evenings throughout the year to explore topics such as child development, curriculum studies, upcoming class events and parent questions. Class meetings are also a time for parent-to-parent support and topics that could include approaches to allowance, bedtimes or birthday parties. Parent meetings strengthen bonds and deepen understanding in an enjoyable, respectful and supportive environment.

Circus Smirkus

MWS hosts Circus Smirkus each summer at the Cheshire Fairgrounds in Swanzey. Bringing this amazing international youth circus to town is a treat for all ages. MWS families host the circus performers in their homes and bring this exciting fundraiser to life through show promotions, ticket sales and related activities. This year Circus Smirkus will return with its Big Top Tour  “Vaudeville” on Sunday, July 15 and Monday, July 16, 2018.