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Graduates Excel

Here are some of the reasons why Waldorf graduates do so well in their school years, their careers and their lives.  We would be happy to talk about more!

The United States places seventeenth in the world for education.  Surely we can do better.

Waldorf is different, in all the right ways. Waldorf teachers have the freedom to engage their students in a curriculum that is not confined by the narrow mandates for standardized testing.

Our teachers have the freedom to customize approaches to maximize every student’s performance. Monadnock Waldorf School meets the needs of every student. Instead of teaching to some blended average, we teach just beyond the reach of our most capable students.

Monadnock Waldorf School offers a classic education that is richly imbued with the arts. Waldorf education is a carefully structured system, nurturing creativity within the context of intellectual competence and disciplined exploration. Waldorf teachers craft their lessons to work with every learning style: kinesthetic, auditory, and visual, thus enabling every student to shine. Our flexible program meets the needs of individual students as they grow into cooperative class groups, advancing together through expanding realms of information and accomplishment.

Classroom learning is characterized by active and respectful discussion, not by mandated textbook lecturing and memorization.  Students learn how to disagree critically and respectfully.

Monadnock Waldorf School teachers pay close attention to social interaction within and between the classes at all grade levels. Their commitment to ensuring that students learn to play and work well with others provides our graduates with invaluable life skills and reinforces school as a positive, fun experience.

Each student creates her or his own main lesson book over the course of the year, which is a particularly powerful tool for integrating the various subjects and internalizing and retaining the learning. Main lesson books are special books with compositions, observations, diagrams, and illustrations. The main lesson books are a way for students to engage personally with each subject and truly take ownership of the educational experience.

Waldorf students learn to value an exceptional, self-created product as a demonstration of learning and pride in accomplishment, and to appreciate that education is not only about the process.  Our students take pride in strong work habits.

Research shows the link between art, manual dexterity and learning capabilities. Monadnock Waldorf School has the freedom to expand its curriculum to include a healthy component of art and skilled handwork.  Children in the early grades learn knitting and needlework and create many beautiful and useful objects. Coordination, fine motor skills, patience, perseverance, and imagination are schooled through this practical work. The Waldorf method of education, through the arts, awakens imaginative and creative powers, bringing vitality and wholeness to learning.  In addition to the beneficial impacts on learning, our students take pride in the acquisition of life long skills.

As with all the arts, the evidence linking music to learning is compelling. At Monadnock Waldorf School, music is an integral part of every grade, including fourth grade violin lessons, instrumental lessons beginning in the fifth grade, chorus and orchestra.

Theater, part of the curriculum beginning in the first grade, develops students who are comfortable with themselves, accustomed to public speaking, and absorbed by other cultures - all disguised as fun.

This "non-academic" part of the Monadnock Waldorf's curriculum not only strengthens academic learning; it awakens and sustains a lifelong appreciation of the arts and culture.

Preparation for life includes the development of the well-rounded person. Waldorf Education has as its ideal a person who is knowlegeable about the world and human history and culture, who has many varied practical and artistic abilities, who feels a deep reverence for and communion with the natural world, and who can act with initiative and in freedom in the face of economic and political pressures.