Grade & Middle School: Educating the Whole Student

Grade school students embark on an innovative curriculum that integrates art, music, foreign language and sports to educate the whole child. Rather than teach to tests, our teachers guide students in grades 1-5 to build strong academic foundations and creative skills in a way that cultivates a lasting love of learning.

As students progress to middle school, they are fully engaged by a challenging curriculum of academics and hands-on learning. We celebrate adolescence as a time of discovery and possibility. In a healthy social environment, our students encounter a world of new ideas, explore their interests, exercise their creativity, and can be themselves.

This environment allows them not to be afraid to do things and to try things and to be creative.
— MWS Parent
We’re not telling them what to think, but we’re crafting the questions and the lessons in such a way that they can’t help but be curious on their own to get there.
— MWS Teacher

Our grade and middle school is nestled in a neighborhood of downtown Keene, where classes can explore the city’s resources—from parks and libraries to concert spaces and local businesses. Field trips and class excursions form part of a dynamic approach to learning that cultivate a healthy and confident engagement with the world.


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Grade School (Grades 1-5)

Middle School (Grades 6-8)


In grades 1-5, students build strong academic and social foundations through a curriculum that meets them at each developmental stage. Through active daily lessons, our teachers engage each child’s imagination, encourage their creativity and problem solving, and cultivate an interest in the world that fuels a lifelong love of learning.

In grades 6-8, students take ownership of their learning in a challenging but supportive environment that integrates academics with arts and music, movement, foreign language in a hands-on way. We give students the opportunity to flex their creative powers and pursue answers to questions that matter to them.

Continuing the journey : High School & Beyond

An education at MWS equips students with the creativity, critical thinking, and confidence they need to forge their own successful and satisfying paths in life. Our graduates succeed in a range of public, private and charter high schools. They leave MWS academically and emotionally prepared for the challenges of high school, college and career that await them. Learn more about the exciting life paths and contributions of our graduates!