collaborative governance

Monadnock Waldorf School utilizes a collaborative structure of governance that strengthens our organizational integrity, as it requires us to be thoughtful in how we organize the day-to-day administrative and educational life of the school. The governing branches of MWS — College of Teachers, Board of Trustees and Administrative Team — work in partnership to proactively manage all matters concerning the health, sustainability and development of the school.

Administrative TEAM

Lead by Tiffany Nichols, the Administrative Team is responsible for all non-teaching functions which keep the school operating smoothly. These tasks include office administration, fundraising, financial management, enrollment, outreach and facilities upkeep. Administrative staff members coordinate closely with faculty, students, parents and board members on much of their work.

college of teachers

A core organizing principle of Waldorf education is that decisions about the education of our students are best made by the teachers working directly with them every day. The College of Teachers is responsible for recruiting, training, supervising, supporting and reviewing all faculty members as well as supporting students and families who may require special care. The College develops, monitors and reviews the curriculum as well as the daily schedule and future planning. Made up of dedicated MWS teachers who have demonstrated a long-term interest in serving the whole school, the College works very closely with the Board of Trustees to successfully fulfill our educational mission for every student and family.

board of trustees

Working in collaboration with the MWS administration and College of Teachers, the parent-led Board of Trustees is responsible for the stewardship of the school’s mission, reputation and resources. The Board and its committees (Finance, Development, Personnel, Marketing and Enrollment, and Governance) have primary responsibility for the ongoing financial and legal health of the school. The Governance Committee of the Board is responsible for identifying prospective Trustees (parents, faculty or community members) who bring specific experience and expertise to the Board. Trustees are nominated, vetted and elected by the Board and serve three-year terms, with eligibility for a second term.