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Elementary School Faculty

Monica Marshall - First Grade,  2013-2014
Monica received a Master's in Education with Public and Waldorf Teacher Certification from Antioch New England Graduate School. Her undergraduate work was at Sonoma State College. Miss Marshall has been a Waldorf teacher for 34 years, with 17 years at MWS. This is her fourth trip through the grades. Miss Marshall teaches in the Waldorf Teacher Training Program at Rudolf Steiner College. Monica has also served as mentor in other Waldorf schools. She spent two summers in South Africa training teachers and working in Waldorf schools before the fall of Apartheid. Music, hiking, travel, gardening, cooking, and crafts are some of Miss Marshall’s outside interests.

Kevin McGuigan - Second Grade, 2013-2014  Kevin completed undergraduate work at Allegheny College and received his Waldorf Teacher Training at Antioch New England Graduate School. Mr. McGuigan has taught for over 25 years, with 23 at MWS. He also served the school as an administrator for one year. Kevin's pre-teaching experience includes such diverse occupations as apple growing, archaeology, and carpentry. He enjoys music, nature, mountain biking, and reading.

Michele Turner- Third Grade, 2013-2014 (Long Term Substitute )

Michele received a B.A. in Communications with a concentration in Photography at the University of Southern Maine. Michele's photography work included a 12 country excursion creating a visual communications thesis on "The Culture of People." After returning from 4 months in Nicaragua , Michele began her work as a teacher. She received a graduate degree in Education with a concentration in Waldorf Kindergarten and Elementary Education in 1998 at Antioch University New England . She has taught in the U.S Virgin Islands, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. 

Jennifer Degan - Fourth Grade, 2013-2014
Jenn received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Ontario College of Art and Design, and has completed her Waldorf Teacher Training at Antioch University New England. She will complete her Master of Education from Antioch University New England this year. Jenn has been a swim team coach and is an accomplished flute player. She is a Waldorf graduate herself and enjoys knitting, hiking, painting, and fiber arts.

Maggie Myers - Fifth Grade, 2013-2014
Maggie received a Bachelor's Degree in Special Education from the University of Georgia and Waldorf Teacher Training at Antioch New England Graduate School. Mrs. Myers has worked in MWS classrooms for 23 years: three years as a Kindergarten Assistant and 20 years as Class Teacher. Perhaps her warm classroom atmosphere reflects her past work as an Innkeeper! Spacial Dynamics movement education is one of Maggie’s many interests.

Alison Henry - Sixth Grade, 2013-2014
Alison received her Bachelor’s Degree with honors from St. John’s College in Maryland. She received a Master of Science Degree in Education from Indiana University and a certificate in Waldorf Teacher Education from Antioch New England Graduate School. Alison taught English for five years in Mie Prefecture, Japan. She did her internship here with Monadnock Waldorf School and worked in the afternoon program before joining us as our first grade teacher. She lives in Keene with her husband and two children.

Tim Price - Seventh Grade,  2013-2014
Tim received a Bachelor's Degree from the State University of New York and a Master's Degree in Public Administration from Rockefeller College and a Master of Education with Waldorf Certification from Antioch New England Graduate School. Tim comes to us from the Upper Valley Waldorf School in Quechee, Vermont, where he took a class of students from first grade through eighth grade graduation in 2006.

Julia Kerr - Eighth Grade,  2013-2014
Julia received a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education from Goucher College and has completed the Foundation Studies program. She was at the Waldorf School of Princeton for seventeen years, first as a parent, then as an administrative assistant, teaching assistant, substitute teacher, special subject teacher, and as a class teacher for four years. She is an accomplished handwork teacher, a choral musician, and has been a mathematics teacher in grades four, six, and eight. Julia has three sons and a husband who has been a teacher and camp director. She enjoys being outdoors with children and sharing her enthusiasm for singing with others.

Janet Gordon - Handwork and Art Enrichment, Faculty Leader
Janet received a Bachelor's Degree in American Studies from the University of South Florida and a Master's in Education from Antioch New England Graduate School. One of the Founding Teachers of Monadnock Waldorf School, Janet has taught at MWS for 34 years. She supports all class teachers in handwork and painting activities. Mrs. Gordon forms a special bond with children grades four and up, working in many arts media.

Jacqueline Bellamy - French
Jacqueline received a Bachelor's Degree from Vermont College. Madame Bellamy has taught for 21 years, beginning as a Kindergarten Assistant. She has taught her native language at MWS for 18 years. Jacqueline contributes to the success of school plays by serving as prompter and director of make-up. She spends time outside of the classroom reading literature, making dolls, and gardening.

Nell Wiener - Choir and Music
Nell began leading others in song as a teenager at summer camp, and has been doing so ever since! She is an enthusiastic and experienced youth and children's choir director and choral arranger. She studied music theory and history at Wellesley College, where she also completed coursework in conducting with Dr. Lisa Graham. Nell has played the viola in the Keene Chamber Orchestra, the Wellesley-Brandeis Orchestra, and the Pioneer Symphony Orchestra in her hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan. At MWS she is delighted to be able to spend time at both the elementary and high school campuses, teaching chorus and strings/instrumental music to grades four through ten. A well-rounded Waldorf alumna herself, in her free time she enjoys cooking and playing ultimate Frisbee.

Bruce Elliot - Choir and Music  Bruce Elliot received a Bachelor of Music degree from the Hartt School of Music, where he was invited to join the National Music Honor Society. He received a Master of Education degree with Waldorf Certification from Antioch New England Graduate School. Bruce has played his saxophone around the country and around the world. As a music teacher, Bruce has offered individual music instruction to students of all ages, including as an adjunct faculty member at Hartt School of Music. Bruce was a class teacher with Monadnock Waldorf School and we are delighted to have him with us now in our music program. Bruce lives in Keene with his wife and three children.

Hans van Riel - Woodworking, Physics, Film and Photography, Theatre Lighting
Hans received undergraduate and graduate degrees in the Netherlands. A former high school teacher, Mr. van Riel has taught at MWS for 24 years of his total of 31 years in teaching. He has taught grades 6 through 8 twice and now, as Specialty Teacher, Hans is considered by many as the Renaissance Man of MWS. Outside the classroom, Mr. van Riel shares his musical talents (clarinet) at assemblies, the Crafts Fair, festivals, and parties. He serves as part of the Building Committee and has left many marks by his design or hand on our new addition.

Julianna Lichatz - PE/Movement
Julianna has been the movement teacher at the Waldorf School on the Roaring Fork in Carbondale, CO since 2002. She has directed circus camps, been a practical arts teacher, and an environmental educator. She was also a Waldorf class teacher. She holds a certificate in Spacial Dynamics and is a greduate of Waldorf teacher education at Antioch University New England. She holds a BA from College of the Atlantic and also studied at the Kjesater's Folk High School in Vingaker, Sweden. Ms. Lichatz is dedicated to bringing healthy movement and physical education to young people.

Stefan Hofer-Fay - Woodworking
Stefan has been inventing and creating things as long as he can remember. His creativity was fostered through 12 years as the Kimberton Waldorf School. After high school, Stefan traveled to South America and Norway, where he studied wooden boat building as well as blacksmithing, knife making, woodcarving, hide tanning, and sailing. He began teaching children and adolescents at Kroka Expeditions, a wilderness education school in Marlow, NH, and assisted on their Vermont HS Semester. He also had the opportunity to teach a few courses in Norway at the Fosen Folk High School. He is currently studying education full time at River Valley Community College.

Marie-Eve Piché - Eurythmy Marie-Eve will be on a one year leave of absence for 2013-2014.
Marie-Eve received a diploma in Eurythmy from Spring Valley Eurythmy School. She is currently completing a bachelor's degree on a part-time basis in the Art of Eurythmy from the University of Oslo. She spent a year at Foyer Michael in the countryside in the middle of France studying arts and pedagogy in the light of Anthroposophy. Marie-Eve worked at the Montréal Waldorf School as a class teacher assistant and as an after-care teacher. She lives in Keene, NH.