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Elementary School Faculty


Sarah Azzinarro - First Grade, 2016-2017 603-357-4442 x616 Sarah holds a Master of Education degree with Public and Waldorf Teacher Certification from Antioch University New England. Sarah also holds a B.F.A in Theatre Arts from Cornish College of The Arts in Seattle, WA. She completed a year at The Santa Reparata International School of Art studying Italian Renaissance Art History in Florence, Italy. Miss Azzinaro has worked at The Pine Hill Waldorf School as a Handwork Teacher, Sophia’s Hearth Family Center here in Keene, and was an assistant for the grades and the Kindergarten at The Brooklyn Waldorf School. She has toured the world teaching theatre with The Missoula Children’s Theatre and has worked on several Agritourismos in Italy. She greatly enjoys fiber arts, farming, and hiking in her free time.



Katie Rowell - Second Grade, 2016-2017 603-357-4442 x638 Katie holds a Bachelor of Music degree in violin performance from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. She holds a Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) degree from St. Michael’s College in Vermont and is scheduled to complete a Master of Education degree in Waldorf education this summer through Antioch New England Graduate School in Keene. Katie has experience as a camp director, child care professional, and violin teacher and is currently completing a semester-long internship in grade two at Monadnock Waldorf School. 


Jennifer Butler - Third Grade, 2016-2017 603-357-4442 x613 Jennifer became a member of the Monadnock Waldorf School community when she moved to New Hampshire 2003.  Jennifer comes to us from Pennsylvania, where she was a class teacher for 5 years at Kimberton Waldorf School. Jennifer enjoyed working at our Nursery-Kindergarten--as an aftercare assistant for 2 years and, since then, as a Supporting Teacher.  Her two children attend MWS in first grade and fifth grade. Her family resides at Camp Glen Brook (a Waldorf camp in Marlborough, New Hampshire).


Monica Marshall - Fourth Grade, 2016-2017 603-357-4442 x617 Monica received a Master of Education degree with Public and Waldorf Teacher Certification from Antioch New England Graduate School. Her undergraduate work was at Sonoma State College. Miss Marshall has been a Waldorf teacher for 37 years, with more than 20 years at MWS. This is her fifth trip through the grades. Miss Marshall teaches in the Waldorf Teacher Training Program at Rudolf Steiner College. Monica has also served as mentor in other Waldorf schools. She spent two summers in South Africa training teachers and working in Waldorf schools before the fall of Apartheid. Music, hiking, travel, gardening, cooking, and crafts are some of Miss Marshall’s outside interests. 


Anna Rainville - Fifth Grade, 2016-2017 603-357-4442 x618 Anna grew up in Northern California, where she received a master's degree in Waldorf education in grades one through eight.  From a young age, Anna knew that she wanted to be a teacher and took every opportunity to work with groups of children, even as a child herself.  This passion led her to Mills College where she received a bachelor's degree in child development.  After college, Anna spent seven years working as an early childhood educator, most notably as a preschool director at a Waldorf charter school in her hometown.  In 2012, Anna packed up her car and with the company of her dog made the long trek across the United States to settle in New England - a move that ultimately landed her at Antioch University here in Keene.  At Antioch, Anna received a Masters degree in Education, completed her Waldorf teacher training, and fell in love with the Monadnock region.  When she is not reading books on education, Anna enjoys swimming, walking her dog, camping and traveling.



Catlin Kennedy- Sixth Grade, 2016-2017 603-357-4442 x610 Catlin holds a Master of Education degree with an emphasis in Waldorf Education from Antioch New England Graduate School. She also holds a Bachelor of Sciene degree from Oregon State University and a minor degree in Fine Arts from the University of Montana in Missoula. Prior to class teaching, Catlin was a Waldorf Kindergarten teacher for three years as well as a high school running coach and Special Olympics swim coach. With over a decade of Waldorf teaching under her belt, Catlin is currently teaching her second class as a class teacher. Originally hailing from Portland, Oregon, Catlin is known for her love of the outdoors and vigorous activity, and is a former competitive athlete in swimming, downhill skiing, and running. Her interests include hiking, camping, gardening, snowshoeing with her two dogs in winter, and snuggling with her two cats and a good book. She and her husband have two children, a daughter in high school and a son in college.


Daniel Foster - Seventh Grade, 2016-2017 603-357-4442 x628  Daniel originally hails from New York where he, like his five siblings, graduated from The Waldorf School of Garden City. After earning his Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from The University of Scranton, he volunteered for one year in Oakland, CA, at a conservation corps for inner-city youth. He is currently pursuing a master's degree in Waldorf Education at Antioch University. Daniel comes to MWS after having recently completed his U.S. Peace Corps service in Ecuador. For two years in the Andes, he taught environmental education and music education, and he led a composting latrines project in his community.He studied Biodynamic farming at The Pfeiffer Center in Chestnut Ridge, NY, and worked at Camp Glen Brook to help develop its farm program. In his free time Daniel enjoys playing music, biking, gardening, and chopping wood.



Maggie Myers - Eighth Grade 2016-2017   603-357-4442  x621 Maggie received a bachelor's degree in Special Education from the University of Georgia and Waldorf Teacher Training at Antioch New England Graduate School. Mrs. Myers has worked in MWS classrooms for 25 years: three years as a Kindergarten Assistant and 22 years as Class Teacher. Perhaps her warm classroom atmosphere reflects her past work as an Innkeeper! Spatial Dynamics movement education is one of Maggie’s many interests.


Janet Gordon - Handwork and Art Enrichment    603-357-4442 x615 Janet received a bachelor's degree in American Studies from the University of South Florida and a Master of Education degree from Antioch New England Graduate School. One of the Founding Teachers of Monadnock Waldorf School, Janet has taught at MWS for 36 years. She supports all class teachers in handwork and painting activities. Mrs. Gordon forms a special bond with children grades four and up, working in many arts media.


Jacqueline Bellamy - French    603-357-4442 x611 Jacqueline received a bachelor's degree from Vermont College. Madame Bellamy has taught for 22 years, beginning as a Kindergarten Assistant. She has taught her native language at MWS for 20 years. Jacqueline contributes to the success of school plays by serving as prompter and director of make-up. She spends time outside of the classroom reading literature, making dolls, and gardening.

  Marie-Douce Dorion - French (Grades 1 - 4) 603-357-4442 Mademoiselle Dorion earned a degree in Specialised Education at le Cégep du Vieux Montreal in Quebec, Canada. After living for 7 years in the Mexican jungle, where she taught circus arts at her son's Waldorf school, Marie-Douce and Ozyen came back to establish themselves in the state where he was born. Marie-Douce is now combining her passions by teaching the lower grades her native langage through rhythm and movement. She is currently pursuing Spacial Dynamics training, as well as trainings in flower essences therapy and theosophy studies. Marie-Douce enjoys Eurythmy, aerials, tight rope, surfing, dirt biking, herbal medicine and moving in any way with her son.




Nell Wiener - Choir and Music    603-357-4442 x627 Nell began leading others in song as a teenager at summer camp, and has been doing so ever since! She is an enthusiastic and experienced youth and children's choir director and choral arranger. She studied music theory and history at Wellesley College, where she also completed coursework in conducting with Dr. Lisa Graham. Nell has played the viola in the Keene Chamber Orchestra, the Wellesley-Brandeis Orchestra, and the Pioneer Symphony Orchestra in her hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan. At MWS she is delighted to be able to spend time at both the elementary and high school campuses, teaching chorus and strings/instrumental music to grades four through ten. A well-rounded Waldorf alumna herself, in her free time she enjoys cooking and playing ultimate Frisbee.


Bruce Elliot - Choir and Music    603-357-4442 x614 Bruce Elliot received a Bachelor of Music degree from the Hartt School of Music, where he was invited to join the National Music Honor Society. He received a Master of Education degree with Waldorf Certification from Antioch New England Graduate School. Bruce has played his saxophone around the country and around the world. As a music teacher, Bruce has offered individual music instruction to students of all ages, including as an adjunct faculty member at Hartt School of Music. Bruce was a class teacher with Monadnock Waldorf School and we are delighted to have him with us now in our music program. Bruce lives in Keene with his wife and three children.


Carol Spindler - Eurythmy (Grades 1 - 4) Carol first discovered the joy and wisdom of Eurythmy in a class offered for MWS parents in 2007.  She earned her diploma in 2013 and has been teaching and performing ever since.  Carol’s teaching experience began in college as an instructor in German and French language immersion programs at Dartmouth College, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree.  She also worked for several years as a Speech-Language Pathologist in public schools after completing her Master’s degree in that field from the MGH Institute of Health Professions.  Before joining the faculty, Carol served for 6 years on the MWS Board of Trustees.  She enjoys singing, hiking and cooking with her husband and three children.


Jan Lyndes - Games 603-357-4442 x630 Jan Lyndes leads the school’s games program for grades one through four. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in studio arts and sociology from the University of Arizona and a Master of Education in Waldorf Teaching from Antioch University New England. Her background includes deaf education and early childhood teaching at the Garland School, in West Brattleboro, Vermont.



Daniel O'Connors Daniel attained a degree as a ChemiStry technician, Ciba-Geigy (today Novartis) in Switzerland, and immediately following the Practical Arts teacher degree at the Goetheanum Switzerland. He has 30 years of teaching experience in public and Waldorf elementary and high schools in Switzerland, Germany, and USA, including the founding of a Waldorf apprentice-praktika-oriented high school in Basel, Switzerland. He has also worked as an independent carpenter, a facilities manager, and a farmer.  Daniel is married to a Waldorf teacher and they have a son who is a senior and a Waldorf-lifer. When he is not at school, or preparing firewood for the winter, or working on some independent building project, Daniel enjoys water sports, archery, and a good book. As co-chair of the college, Daniel is a new addition to the board. The commitment to the practical arts and Waldorf education has been a enduring theme in his biography, and he wishes to continue this passion at Monadnock. 


Susan Wiles - Tutor


Grace Bolton- Tutor