Community Life

While the Early Childhood campus is filled with singing, story telling, imaginative play and adventure, the campus also hums with activities that nurture the broader community around the students.
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Seasonal Festivals

Festivals are a vital part of Waldorf education, bringing the community together in meaningful ways and marking time in the spirit of the seasons with food, song and story. These annual festivals of nature and humanity foster wonder, reverence and gratitude. The entire school gathers together in October for a celebration of the Michaelmas story and the harvest season. In November and December, Early Childhood students mark the season of light with reverent festivals like the Lantern Walk and Spiral Walk. The school gathers together again for May Day to celebrate the coming of summer with traditional dance and song.

Craft Workshops

Several times a year, MWS hosts craft workshops open to the greater community. These events are great opportunities to learn simple crafts, explore our unique campuses, and make new  friends. Our Early Childhood campus hosts a moss garden workshop in the fall, and egg decorating in spring.  In winter, we hold a Valentine's craft event at the Grade School.  

Speakers & Performances

Throughout the year, MWS hosts a variety of guests, local and international, who share their insights, experiences and talents with our students and the greater Keene community through speaking events, concerts and performances. Check the calendar for upcoming events across our campuses.


Parent Involvement

The strength of MWS comes from the strength of our community. Our students’ experience is enriched by the committed participation of our parent community. Parents collaborate with teachers to volunteer in the classroom, prepare for festivals, raise funds and serve in leadership roles on Parent Council, the Board of Trustees and its committees.

Parent Evenings

Our teachers reach beyond the classroom, with a series of parent evenings throughout the year to explore topics such as bedtime routines, caring for sick children, nutrition, planning birthday parties, mealtimes celebrating holidays and setting limits. We’re always here to support your family.