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After Waldorf

Ask a college professor that question, and you will hear that Waldorf graduates are prepared to meet a multicultural, multifaceted world with enthusiasm and have the ability to make a positive impact in any field they choose for themselves. Self-confident and creative, Waldorf graduates benefit from a base of interdisciplinary knowledge from which they may pursue any passion in any direction. They are enthusiastically involved in their education, and eagerly partake of the challenges that meet them in the world today, well-equipped with creative thinking and problem solving capacities.

Waldorf students have been accepted in and graduated from the full spectrum of colleges and universities including Stanford, Dartmouth, University of New Hampshire, Harvard, Yale, and Brown. Waldorf graduates reflect a wide diversity of professions and occupations including medicine, law, science, engineering, computer technology, the arts, social science, government, and teaching at all levels.
According to a recent study of Waldorf graduates:
• 94% attended college or university
• 47% chose humanities or arts as a major
• 42% chose sciences or math as a major
• 89% are highly satisfied in choice of occupation
• 91% are active in lifelong education
• 92% placed a high value on critical thinking
• 90% highly value tolerance of other viewpoints. 

For more information about Waldorf graduates, refer to the articles:
• “Life After Waldorf High School” by Abraham Enten
• “Standing Out Without Standing Alone: Profile of Waldorf Graduates” by Douglas Gerwin/David Mitchell.