Affordable Tuition

We strive to make an education at Monadnock Waldorf School affordable for every family that desires it. Because we understand that joining a Waldorf community is a financial commitment, we work with our families to determine a tuition amount that is appropriate for them and sustainable for the school as a whole.

At MWS, our tuition policies reflect our school’s commitment to socioeconomic diversity within our classrooms. Some families are able to afford the full amount of tuition. Others participate in Sliding Scale Assistance that reflects their ability to contribute based on their current financial situation.


Each year, MWS contributes $500,000 to Sliding Scale Assistance. Sliding Scale Assistance takes into account family size, income, and other specifics of a family’s overall financial pictures. Families can determine their eligibility by submitting a Sliding Scale application via FACTS, our tuition management service provider. Families who pay the full tuition amount are not required to apply for Sliding Scale Assistance through FACTS.

New families who intend to apply for Sliding Scale Assistance should do so once they have submitted an application to the school. This will ensure they are taken into account in our annual budgeting. Continuing families apply for Sliding Scale Assistance on an annual basis. We rigorously protect the confidentially of each family’s financial information.

Please explore our tuition rates and click on the documents below to view Frequently Asked Questions about our tuition and information about FACTS.

Questions? Please contact Justin Somma, Business Office Manager at any time by email or at (603) 357-4442 x107. We are here to assist your family!


2019-2020 Tuition Rates & Fees

Grade School Program

Grades 1-2
Tuition $12,850
Materials $625

Grades 3-5
Tuition $13,050
Materials $625
Trips (Grades 3/4) $295
Trips (Grade 5) $480

Grades 6-8
Tuition $13,250
Materials $625
Trips $480

Aftercare per day (Grades 1-5)
3:00-4:15pm $8
3:00-5:30pm $16

Early Childhood Program

Early Childhood Morning Program
3 Day (M-W) $5,705
4 Day (M-Th) $6,385
5 Day $6,815
Materials $295

Early Childhood Afternoon Program
2 Day $2,495
3 Day $3,515
4 Day $4,400
5 Day $5,200

Early Childhood Extended Afternoon
2 Day $760
3 Day $1,100
4 Day $1,420
5 Day $1,725

Tuition Insurance

For the financial protection of our families and MWS, each tuition contract is assessed a mandatory 1.5% fee (after adjustments for Sliding Scale Assistance) to fund tuition insurance.
Download the Tuition Refund Plan Policy >