Learning to Think

MWS offers a rigorous academic curriculum balanced with a thorough cultivation of artistic skills and practical work that deepens academic understanding. Learning to think is emphasized over what to think. Students are encouraged to recognize that what they learn in the classroom is relevant to their everyday lives and prepares them to stride boldly into their own bright futures with confidence and enthusiasm.

MORNING lesson AND the block system

Morning Lesson, a two-hour, seminar-style academic intensive held each day, is devoted to a single core subject over a three- to five-week academic block. At MWS, we give our students the opportunity to think widely, deeply and creatively and morning lessons are designed with this end in mind, allowing students to enter deeply into the subject at hand — an era, a school of thought, a philosophy, a culture, a system of ideas, a puzzling problem. Students learn through primary sources, lectures, discussions and research. They create their own portfolios that include essays, lab reports, compositions and illustrations and serve as a testament to their academic achievements and resource for further study.


Academic Subjects



The literature curriculum prepares students to be citizens of the world and masters of themselves, stressing reading comprehension, creative and informative writing, oral presentations and research activities through ongoing English skills classes. Teachers use traditional forms of literature as original source material—novels, poetry, drama, criticism, editorials and essays—including Moby Dick, The Odyssey, Dante's Inferno, Parzival, Shakespeare's Hamlet and Goethe's Faust.



An emphasis on phenomena characterizes the math courses in a Waldorf school. We ask students to observe carefully, to describe accurately what they see and only then to draw conclusions. The math program is designed to help all students develop the capacity for mathematical thinking in a challenging, creative and comprehensive way. Mathematics instruction is continuous throughout the year with skills classes in Algebra, Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Pre-calculus and Calculus.



At MWS, students explore science like scientists,  learning to live with open questions, to wait for more information,and to be comfortable with the uncertainty of not knowing—a necessary part of true discovery. Students closely observe the phenomena and with guidance from the teacher, derive concepts, formulas and scientific laws from their firsthand explorations. The sciences are taught in blocks, each year covering topics in biology, earth science, chemistry and physics.


History & Social Science

An engaging integration of literature, history, geography and cultural studies, students explore concepts of idealism and humanity, the emergence of the individual in the West, government and economic thinking.

Taught in blocks, students delve into American history, art history, ancient civilizations and Greek history, Medieval and Islamic history, Latin American and African studies, the rise of the West, Chinese history and broad survey of Western architecture.

Academic skills classes

Skills classes meet several times a week throughout the year and focus on building and exercising skills across English, Mathematics and World Language.


English skills classes encompass study skills, grammar, vocabulary building, the writing process and interpretation of literature.


Daily math classes in algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus allow students to practice and build on skills acquired in Morning Lesson.

World Language : French, German & Spanish

In keeping with the international emphasis of Waldorf education, MWS offers rigorous world language programs in French, German and Spanish. Through conversation, drama, games, recitation, writing and reading, students work toward language proficiency and cultural understanding.

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