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Parent Council

2015-2016 Co-Chairs: Antje Hornbeck & Tracy Grissom

Student ArtThe Parent Council meets the first Wednesday of every month at 6:45 p.m. in the faculty room at the Elementary school. Each class has at least one representative on the Parent Council. ALL parents are welcome and encouraged to attend meetings.

The Parent Council focuses primarily on serving the school by supporting and facilitating school activities, celebrations, fund-raising and special events in an effort to foster a strong school community. Each class has at least one representative on the Parent Council. The Parent Council meets once a month and meetings are open to all parents who wish to attend.

Parent Council Reps by Grade


N/K                    Kristin Humphrey                

N/K                            K.C. Swanson                    

First Grade                Lori Burman                       

Second Grade       Antje Hornbeck          

Third Grade          Julie Richardson                       

Fourth Grade         Brie Maynard                  

Fifth Grade            Martha Temple            

Sixth Grade                                              

Seventh Grade      Jacqueline Goohs           

Eigth Grade           Suzanna Kamphuis         

High School          Leydi Walle                       

Consultant             Meena Neva                

Teacher Liaison  Jennifer Butler                  


Administrative Liaison Tari Steinrueck