At Monadnock Waldorf School, our mission is to nurture students who will contribute fully to their world with courage, compassion and conviction. We foster lifelong learning, encourage well-being and inspire enduring interest in the world while cultivating the gifts and strengths unique to each student.

Welcome to Monadnock waldorf school

For over 40 years, Monadnock Waldorf School has equipped children from preschool through Grade 8 with the confidence, creativity and critical thinking they need to meet the future. Our students thrive in an academically challenging, hands-on learning environment uniquely suited to their needs at each stage of development.

Our innovative curriculum integrates academics, arts, music, language and sport to educate the whole child. We support each student’s intellectual development, while producing resilient, well-rounded and innovative individuals eager to meet life’s opportunities and challenges.

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Celebrating 100 Years of Waldorf Education

The first Waldorf school was founded in Germany 100 years ago out of an impulse to create a new form of education that embraces human values. Today, Waldorf education is a thriving international movement with over 1,000 schools and 2,000 kindergartens around the globe. Waldorf schools educate young people who will be able to meet the challenges facing humanity with tolerance, knowledge, creativity and courage. Join us in celebrating the anniversary of Waldorf education and its potential to help create to a diverse and sustainable world.

Our Programs

Having a teacher that loves your child, and is going to stay with your child and get to know them nearly as well as you do is a pretty amazing experience.
— MWS Parent
The world is beautiful. It’s wonderful. It’s exciting. It’s worth delving into and it’s worth putting your interest and effort into.
— MWS Teacher
To be successful, to be resilient, to be adaptable—these components are being formed in them now.
— MWS Parent

Our Alumni

Our students graduate academically and emotionally prepared for the rich challenges of high school and beyond. MWS students go on to thrive in public and private high schools, colleges and universities of their choice. Equipped with enthusiasm and confidence, they go on to succeed in diverse career tracks—from running businesses and non-profits to teaching, research and the arts.

At MWS, I learned to think outside of the box and overcome challenges rather than thinking of them as setbacks.
— MWS Alumni

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Our Community

Monadnock Waldorf School is sustained by an inclusive, dedicated community of friends, parents, former teachers, alumni and alumni parents—all with their own diverse talents and backgrounds.

Our community is connected by a yearly calendar of festivals, and by the active participation of parents and friends as volunteers, fundraisers, and committee members. Throughout the year, we host events—from a winter Crafts Fair to a May Day celebration—to welcome the larger community into the school. We hope you can join us!

Upcoming Events